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Re-card migration

The time efficient execution of the transfer out of 100k cards as part of a portfolio rationalisation.

The challenge

The Project required the most time efficient execution of the transfer out of 100,000 cards as a part of the bank’s portfolio rationalisation. The project required a balance of effective risk management, data continuity, and operational management to ensure the cards were transfered as seamless as possible.

Key objectives

  • Integration of 100,000 cards from co-brand product range into mainstream card portfolio
  • Migration of the operations out of a closing contact centre, and consolidated into an existing operational unit
  • Issue of 100,000 new cards and the management of the cutover processes
  • Effective management of customer communications

The programme

  • As part of a portfolio rationalisation, the bank needed to rapidly extricate the processing of the co-brand products from a soon to be sold card portfolio
  • Customer communications needed to be managed carefully, with T&C including realisation of benefits withdrawn as part of change
  • Management of First data International and is surround services to ensure account transfer and card re-issue activity went to plan.
  • Design and management of in-flight process and procedures to ensure controllable impact on customer experience
  • Day to day management of personnel who were responsible for Business as Usual, although they were to be displaced at the end of the process

“This was a high profile time critical activity which needed focussed and experienced resources to ensure effective delivery.”
Head of Business Solutions

Core competences

  • Project Management
  • Supplier Management
  • In flight process design
  • Equasion systems knowledge
  • Subject matter expertise