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Outsourced processing contract renewal

This UK Credit Card Issuer uses the services of a Third Party processor to deliver core card processing services. The contract for these services was due for renewal and the Bank wanted to carry out a competitive tender process in order to achieve the best commercial and financial proposition.

Key objectives

  • Complete a commercial review of potential suppliers
  • Obtain the best achievable offer from the incumbent supplier
  • Understand clearly the options and impact of changing suppliers
  • Minimal impact to BAU activities and resources
  • Completed within realistic timeframe whilst also maintaining competitive environment

The challenge

  • Complete a comprehensive review of the market place and obtain accurate perspectives on potential alternative suppliers
  • Construct, issue and assess a full Request For Proposal from a range of potential vendors (as well as from the incumbent supplier)
  • Negotiate and obtain the best commercial and financial terms available

“Aledro provided the Bank with industry perspective, RFP templates and assessment criteria, in a timely and cost efficient manner”
David Underwood,
IT and Operations Director
Vanquis Bank

Core competences

  • Credit Card Processing Subject Matter Expertise
  • UK Card Industry Expertise
  • Vendor Management
  • RFP Construction and Process Management
  • Negotiating Skills