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New business operating model

A fully managed programme for Goldfish Bank, including the migration of 1.5 million customers.

The challenge

Following a change of ownership and the creation of a joint venture between Lloyds TSB and Centrica, a new business model had to be built and accounts needed to be migrated. The timetable was fixed and, following a mid-project change in direction, Aledro were asked to deliver an innovative, time-critical solution.

Key objectives

  • Build, implement, and deliver a fully robust solution in seven months from a standing start
  • Integrate 16 external suppliers to create a seamless customer transition
  • Migrate 1.5 million accounts onto the new platform

The programme

Programme planning and control was critical. It required intense third party supplier management, and delivery of all operational and technical design, setup and capability within a limited timeframe. Every operational process had to be re-engineered, complete with the necessary training design and delivery, to meet the end date.

“The management and expertise which is at the core of Aledro provided Goldfish with the creative options to deliver time-critical solutions and enabled the confidence to support a migration which was high risk and unique in its nature.”
Ian Peters,
Managing Director 2002-2004
Goldfish Bank

Core competences

  • Planning
  • Conversion
  • Operations
  • Supplier management
  • Stabilisation